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Dear Fellow Investor,

I’ve been covering small-cap stocks since 2006, at the time drawn by their sensational successes amid broader market carnage of the financial crisis. Through years of study, trial and error, I am still fascinated by the vast returns tucked away in this often underrated corner of the market. I take pride in saying that I have gotten good at digging through the dirt to find the players that are on the cusp of considerable and rampant growth – in fact, the majority of my picks yield my subscribers the opportunity to trade for at LEAST a profit.

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The reason for my success is that I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. When I find a company of interest, I aim to get to the root of the company and use any resources necessary to do so. I make a personal commitment to work with these companies and get to know the key players involved. If the company demonstrates explosive or strong and consistent potential I invest time and money to get to know it even better and then sit back and watch it (and my portfolio!) grow.

On the other hand, if the foundation – this includes operations, management, marketing and product - is weak and brittle, I’ll quickly axe the opportunity and move on to the next. If I’m going to get my hands dirty, it’s going to be worth it. Unlike most promoters, I’m not sifting through or endorsing garbage. There IS a difference between dirt and filth.



The bottom line is an ugly fact: 95% of the companies in this arena are going to fail. To say your chances of finding a diamond in the rough is slim is to put it mildly. If you waste your time digging through …well, waste, you’re also wasting your money. If you don’t know how to dig deeper and evaluate whether or not a potential investment is properly structured, adequately funded or guided by experienced management, you’re burdening yourself with unnecessary risk.

That’s where I come in. With dirty hands I keep digging - I get really get involved with the companies that I carefully select for my newsletter. If it’s a ripe opportunity, I typically take a position in restricted stock, which means I am often with these companies for a year before I earn any profits in the companies I am profiling. Every OTC stock I profile must meet my select criteria before I am willing to feature it.

The results of this strategy are three-fold: it’s an obvious win for me; it allows the company to meet its needs and create shareholder value; and my subscribers reap the benefits.

Once I’ve featured a stock in my newsletter, it has surpassed the seedling phase and is ready to blow past ground surface and spread its branches. In this sense, money does grow on trees. My service is all about helping investors get in during the growth phase to build a valuable position ahead of the big money crowd.

Take it from the dirt under my nails – I’ve got the budding opportunities at hand - it’s time to watch these plays implode.

Are you ready???


P.S. I’m no sell-out – I do not give out, rent or sell my subscriber lists,
for any reason, ever.



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